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Corporate Profile/Philosophy

TCF is a Wayzata, Minnesota-based national bank holding company. As of September 30, 2014, TCF had $19.0 billion in total assets and 382 branches in Minnesota, Illinois, Michigan, Colorado, Wisconsin, Indiana, Arizona and South Dakota, providing retail and commercial banking services. TCF, through its subsidiaries, also conducts commercial leasing, equipment finance, and auto finance business in all 50 states and commercial inventory finance business in the U.S. and Canada.

Corporate Philosophy

  • The Customer First. TCF strives to place The Customer First. We believe providing great service helps to retain existing customers, attract new customers, create value for our stockholders, and build pride in our employees. We also respect customers’ concerns about privacy and know they place their trust in us. TCF is committed to protecting the private information of our customers and retaining that trust is our priority.
  • Functionally Organized. TCF’s functionally organized management structure emphasizes four key initiatives: 1) Enterprise Risk Management, 2) Lending, 3) Funding and 4) Corporate Development. This functionally organized management structure is supported by focused profit center reporting and creates a highly responsive and performance driven culture.

  •  Risk Management. TCF is committed to strong risk management practices and will not incent employees to take risks that exceed TCF’s risk appetite and tolerance. TCF’s risk appetite is summarized as:
  • Low to moderate credit risk within the loan and lease portfolio
  • Interest rate risk should be minimized
  • Liquidity risk is to be effectively managed
  • Low tolerance for operational risk
  • Low appetite for reputation or compliance risk as TCF’s reputation is key to earning and maintaining trust with our customers, employees, vendors, regulators and stockholders
  •  Stockholder Value. TCF focuses on increasing long-term stockholder value by making sound business decisions, taking advantage of marketplace opportunities, and preparing for various economic conditions through balance sheet diversification. We encourage stock ownership by our officers, directors and employees and have a mutuality of interest with our stockholders. Our goal is to make TCF stock a strong, long-term investment.

  •  Convenience. TCF emphasizes convenience in banking; we’re open 12 hours a day, seven days a week, 364 days per year. TCF banks a large and diverse customer base, focusing on growing and retaining its large number of low-interest cost checking accounts. TCF uses free checking as the anchor product to build additional customer relationships. We provide customers innovative products through multiple banking channels including traditional, supermarket and campus branches, TCF Express Teller® and other ATMs, debit cards, phone banking, online banking and mobile banking.

  •   Retail Deposit Focused. TCF earns a significant portion of its profits from the deposit side of the bank. We accumulate a large number of low-cost accounts through convenient services and products targeted to a broad range of customers. As a result of the profits we earn from the deposit business, we can minimize credit risk on the asset side.

  •  Capital and Liquidity.TCF focuses on prudent capital and liquidity management which strengthens our capital position, increases our borrowing capacity, and reduces our costs and risks. We strive to remain solidly capitalized and have access to ample liquidity to conduct business. TCF’s financial strength helps make us a safe and sound financial institution.

  •  Secured and Diversified Lender. TCF maintains a secured loan and lease portfolio that is well-diversified by type of credit, geography, industry, product and collateral type to minimize concentration risk. We require our loans and leases to be supported by collateral to provide an alternate repayment source beyond cash flow from the borrower, which helps mitigate losses. We emphasize credit quality over asset growth as the costs of poor credit quality far outweigh the benefits of unwise asset growth.

  •  Conservative Underwriting. TCF’s diversified loan and lease portfolio and our extensive credit review practices reduce our credit risks while creating profitability and sustainable growth, even in the most challenging economic environments. We extend credit to high-quality customers and invest only in programs that add value to the organization and yield solid returns.

  •  Expansion. TCF grows through de novo expansion, acquisition, and process improvement.  We are growing by starting and acquiring new businesses, opening new branches, offering new products and services, and improving execution on sales efforts for existing products.   

  •  Technology. TCF places a high priority on the development of technology to enhance productivity, customer service and new products. Properly applied technology increases revenue, reduces costs and enhances customer service. We centralize back office activities but provide individual attention as part of the customer experience.

  •  Conservative Accounting. TCF utilizes conservative accounting and financial reporting principles that accurately and honestly report our financial condition and results of operations. We believe good accounting drives good business decision-making.

  •  Employee Communication and Behavior. TCF encourages open employee communication and places the highest priority on honesty, integrity and ethical behavior.

  •  Bank Regulators. Bank regulators play an essential role in the banking industry. Open communication with regulators throughout the organization is essential to ensuring effective, efficient and productive bank supervision and corporate governance. TCF is committed to maintaining strong, positive and professional working relationships with all of its regulators.

  •  Equal Treatment. TCF does not discriminate against anyone in employment or the extension of credit. As a result of TCF’s community banking philosophy, we market our products and services to everyone in the communities we serve.

  •  Community Participation. TCF believes in community participation, both financially and through volunteerism. We feel a responsibility to help those less fortunate and actively encourage and support employee participation in numerous community causes, including education and housing.

  • Talent Management. TCF believes in fostering strong talent management to attract highly skilled managers and employees and emphasizes offering advancement opportunities to existing employees when appropriate.

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